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I’m mostly okay with the recent algorithm changes here, but one thing that bugs me is I can’t mute a story that I see repetitively or an author, for that matter. We used to be able to dismiss stories we didn’t want to see or read, but no more, at least not from what I’ve seen.

I love and support my peeps here, but honestly, that doesn’t mean I want to read everything they write. Just because I clicked one story doesn’t mean I want to see the next 9+ just like it.

Seeing my favorite writers in the big picture window on the left makes me happy, but I don’t always want to read all their stories. That could be because I’m not interested in the genre or that I simply want to read another author or topic.

I liked being able to refresh my page to see new stories. Now, it’s the same ones over and over, until I click on the story. Whether or not I read it doesn’t seem to matter, nor should it; refreshing my page should bring new stories.

Clearing my viewing history doesn’t update it, either. (Even though Medium suggests doing that to improve your feed.)

One way I’ve helped myself see more and read more is to think of my homepage as a newspaper, with everything on the top of the page as “above the fold.” I’ll scan and click on those stories that interest me, but then I’ll scroll down to the middle of the page, or “below the fold,” if you will, and see so many more great stories, authors, and publications.

Refreshing my home page does refresh those stories. I can see stories and publications from people I follow and many new writers and publications, too.

Continuing with the newspaper analogy, the deeper I scroll, the more pages I find, like the opinion page or community news, comics, classifieds, or (the horror!) politics.

Finding new writers is magical to me! Finding new topics is just as fun, too!

I really like Medium. It’s much more user friendly than a lot of other similar platforms on which I’ve written. We have so much more control of our account here: what we publish, how fast and how often we publish, as well as controlling the content we want to publish.

Medium allows a closer relationship with other writers and I like bouncing ideas off of others and learning from them, too. I understand the desire for a more “relational” experience, but I think some of the tweaks have made that more difficult, not less.

We all have so much to offer. I don’t want to miss any of it!

What are you’re thoughts?

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