Food is life

His name is Audrey and he’s a bitch

Soughdough Day Photo of fire
Photo by Monil Andharia on Unsplash

Yeah, I named my sourdough starter. You don’t have to, but I did. It felt appropriate to name him after everyone’s favorite Venus Flytrap since he’s hungry all the time and he’s kind of a dick.

Audrey II and I became acquainted in 2018 after I read an article about…

Shut up about Medium already.

Medium is totes good
Photo by Etienne Girardet on Unsplash

I’m so over my Medium newsfeed. I counted seven out of the first ten articles this morning in my “Recommended For You” feed telling me what I should think about Medium. And then, five more after I refreshed.

Like I need one more “The Medium Writers Challenge is too challenging…

She’s got jokes

And I’m fresh out of tin foil hats

Barack Obama Is Stalking Me!
Image Courtesy of Wikipedia/Public Domain

My newsfeed is high af today. I have three stories about Barack Obama in my “Recommended” feed. Why? Why is Barry recommended for me?

What the fuck is going on here?

He’s not trending, is he? He couldn’t be, not after all these years.

He’s been out of office for…

Fiction Series


Public Domain Image From

I was born under a bloody wolf moon, in the dead of winter, in the year of the dragon. To say I was born under dominate stars is an understatement.

Tala means Stalking Wolf. It is my given name, but it was not given to me by my mother until…

Garden Life

Just step away, big boy

Release The Whacken!
Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

My husband is the (ex)Terminator of all the creepy-crawlies on our property. That includes all flora and fauna with intention of returning our manicured lawn to the Paleozoic Era.

All unwanted lifeforms die at the hand of Omega here in our little corner of the world.

He’s Johnny-on-it, weeds yanked…

I mean, I couldn’t possibly hurt, right…

Swear like you mean it
Photo by me!

I started a new job last week so I got a new mousepad to celebrate. STFU, I can pretend I’ve never cursed before.

I’m in that fun time when you first start and you train, then have a meeting, then some more training, a couple more meetings, train a few…

Fiction Series

Bobby, Again

Photo Courtesy of

Clyde’s garage was off Cincinnati-Dayton Road in Bethany. I live in Blue Ash, so I traveled north to get to Clyde’s shop. I never mind the twenty minute drive. I cranked the blue tooth and listened to Zeppelin II. Music is life.

The scenery in southwestern Ohio in mid-June is…

Be always grateful for them all

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Friends come in all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, genders, and species, and if only we open our minds and hearts, we can find them everywhere.

A friend can lift you up, hold you down, turn you around, make you smile, make you cry, give…

Sterling Page

Life is short. Chase the dream.

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